August 2014 – Vera Atkinson, Double Oak Storm Tex, and Neil Atkinson, Atkinson Engineers, along with more friends went to El Salvador where they were able to drill a water well in a village of need. They were slated to return to Haiti but with all of the Living Water staff there recovering from the chikungunya outbreak, they had to flex and in the meantime got the chance to work in El Salvador.

June-2014 – Double Oak Storm Tex President, Brad Flack, his wife and fellow owner, Jennifer Flack, and the Central Texas Project Manager, James Wilson, all joined in to make a huge impact in Honduras. Brad and Jennifer were part of the team that drilled a water well 195-feet deep in the village of Dos Bocas de Santa Rosa de Aguan. James was part of the repair team that repaired and rehabilitated 7 water wells in the La Brea/Salama vicinity.

September- 2013 Vera Atkinson, Double Oak Storm Tex & Atkinson Engineers’ Controller, along with her husband Neil Atkinson, president of Atkinson Engineers, and their team went to drill a water well in impoverished Haiti.

July-2013 Double Oak Storm Tex recently partnered with Faithbridge Church and Living Water International to drill a 120-foot deep water well in the remote village of Salama’, Honduras.

July 2012 – Brad Flack, President, and Ron Mollard, Senior Project Manager, of Double Oak Storm Tex went to Puerto Escondido, Honduras where they helped drill a new water well over 100 feet deep.

What a blessing to bless others!

Since 1990, Living Water International set out to help the church in North America be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving the poorest of the poor worldwide by bringing them Living Water – The Gospel Presentation and clean drinking water. 884 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Clean water means no longer having to suffer from water-related diseases and parasites, and more time spent working and less time spent transporting water over long distances. Living Water has completed more than 10,000 water projects for communities in over 25 countries. Faithbridge has been sending teams on Living Water Mission Trips since 2010.

Under the leadership of Neil Atkinson of Atkinson Engineers (the church’s LWI Coordinator and Haiti Trip Leader) and Brad Flack of Double Oak Storm Tex (the church’s Honduras Trip Leader), more than 35 team members have traveled to Haiti, northern Honduras and to Nicaragua. Neil’s involvement with LWI began in 2006. He felt like it was a ministry that was focused on spreading the gospel and not just taking care of impoverished people’s physical needs. He is passionate about bringing clean water and the Gospel to the people in the impoverished communities. Living Water International serves. Brad has been going on trips since 2012 and will be going back to Honduras multiple times each year building relationships with the in-country staff as well as with the villages that he works in.

There are two different types of Living Water mission trips: well drilling and pump repair trips. Of the two types of trips, the pump repair trips can be more rigorous physically, especially since there are fewer team members. On pump repair trips the team travels from place to place and several stops are made daily to repair problems with existing wells. On the drilling trips you will be in the same location each day drilling a new well working in one community, with a larger team sharing the workload.