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Harvey has arrived in Houston.

Numerous flash flood warnings are posted right now across the Greater Houston area, as an eastern flank feeder band of the storm flows ashore.

Harvey slowly meandering between Victoria and Goliad, shipping intense rains into Houston. (College of DuPage)

These heavy rains are likely to continue throughout the day today. There may be lulls at times, but the dominant weather we see in Houston today is heavy rainfall, leading to street and possibly bayou flooding.

Rain totals have begun to add up. Generally 1-3″ north and east and 3-6″+ south and west since yesterday.

Rain totals through 6:45 AM Saturday are beginning to add up. (Harris County Flood Control)

As the day progresses, rain totals will balloon further. Some models show really impressive rain totals in the Houston area today. I would expect an average of 4-8″ today across the region, with higher amounts possible, especially on the south and west sides and perhaps a few spots east of the city with lesser amounts.

Bottom line in all this, you need to be prepared for significant travel inconvenience and disruption today. And if you can stay put, please do so.

Other concerns

Tornadoes have occurred overnight in some of the cells rotating in. Continue to have a way to get warnings throughout the day today, as isolated tornadoes will continue to be possible. My hope is that the pace of the tornado warnings slows a bit as the day goes on. But continue to have your phone or a weather radio to alert you.

Winds will continue to be gusty at times. Harvey is weakening between Victoria and Goliad, close to tropical storm strength.

It should continue to weaken from a wind standpoint as the day goes on. Still, some occasional 30-40 mph gusts are expected around Houston. Galveston will gust 40-50 mph at times. This could lead to sporadic power outages.

Eric will have more on the longer-range forecast later, but not much has changed since yesterday.

Rainfall over the next five days continues to look extreme. (NOAA)

As we said last night: This is a marathon, not a sprint, and you should be prepared to deal with inconveniences, headaches, and travel problems for the next several days.

More a little later.

Posted at 7:20 AM Saturday by Matt