48 hours in and rain is still coming…looks like the forecasters, unfortunately, got it right. Houston, which already suffered 2 tremendous, historic floods in 2016 is now bracing itself to see even more record breaking flooding. There isn’t much to say except for pray for Houston!

Attention: while those whose homes are not flooded and you’re basically safe but stir crazy, please be careful “playing” in the flood waters. While it may look, and could even be, innocent enough, please keep in mind that all of our storm sewers AND more importantly our sanitary sewers are underground. There is always a likelihood that when flood waters are present that there could be some bacteria and other yucky stuff that has been flushed out of overflowing sanitary sewers. Again, if you or your kiddos feel the need to “play” in the flood waters, keep it out of your eyes, ears, mouth and nose. And be sure to wash with anti-bacterial soap after coming into contact with flood waters.

For everyone else, please stay home if it is possible. Once the rain lets up and waters begin to recede, do your part to help your neighbors for a few days to recover, in what will be months of effort before “normal” returns.

Below is a map of streams and bayous as of Sunday afternoon on 8/27/2017:

And here is the map of current highway closures around town…this does not include surface street!